Jul. 11th, 2008

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I hate election years. It can be 2009 now?

Also, apparently I've been signed up for this big fishing thing at work tomorrow. But! Not only will I be going to work on my off day, but it's also a church thing-- so I get to hang out with people from church on both Saturday and Sunday! AWESOME! :P

Except not really. Because I seriously only just now found out about this. And I was okay with hanging out with my brother and Dad at the pond catching some dinner, but then they told me it's CATCH-AND-RELEASE, which is also known as "LET'S TORTURE FISH FOR FUN." Guys, catch-and-release kills fish. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. I can only justify killing the fish I catch by saying to myself, "Alex, when you catch this fish, not only are you helping to balance out the pond's ecosystem by keeping population levels manageable, but you are also providing food for your family to eat!"

Not so much with the catch-and-release.

I don't want to have to hang around watching people reel in grievously injured fish and throwing them back so the turtles can eat them. But I also don't want to disappoint my family, who apparently were looking forward to this opportunity to hang out with me. And even if I abstain from fishing and just hang out on the bank, EVERYONE AROUND ME WILL BE ENGAGING IN POINTLESS FISH TORTURE. ARGH DILEMMA.


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