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Stupid money and its stupid stupidness.

Also. I have completed my core! Yayyyy!

All the classes I need toward my major aren't until next year! Yayyy!

I have to take a bunch of random classes just to take up time! Yayyyyyy!

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On Friday I re-henna'd my foot. It's all swirly, and I have a sun on my big toe.

Chuck: So nice to see you. I see you were... *stops, stares at foot*

Alex: ...Yes?

Chuck: Please tell me that's not permanant.

Alex: Uh, no, it's... um... henna? You know?

Chuck: *clutching Alex's arm* Oh, thank God.

*sigh* Yes, Chuck, if it had been, heaven forbid, a real tatoo, my immortal soul would have been in danger.

Also, we went to show Bethany the Pumpkin Sacrifice of DOOOOOM in the pond tonight, but instead we ran into the demonic eyes of possibly Satan. Alas.

Oh, yeah. Also, we watched Napoleon Dynamite this weekend. OMG so good. <33333. I totally need to buy that movie.
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So, this year's Haunted House? Verrah verrah scary. And long.

I went with Robyn and Bethany and Sarah and some other people and they made me go first. We all clung to random body parts and clothing of one another, and moved around in an amorphous blob. I was okay until some random person suddenly loomed out of the darkness RIGHT FREAKING IN FRONT OF ME OMG.

Also. We walked into a room. In it, there was a TV. With a chair in front. Do you see where this is going? It was horrifically dark, so it took me a second to see the fatal chair/tv combination, but as soon as I saw it... I knew.

Tour Guy: And, uh, once on the Huntingdon campus, someone got killed by a TV.

Alex: Ogodogodogodogod... nononononoNONONO. Can we go? Can we... go? Can we go please? Can we just... go? Can we? Go?

Girl: *starts crawling creepily out of TV*


Tour Guy: Uhhh...

And so on.

And Sarah got "blood" spat all over her khaki clothing, so that was a sadness. Luckily, after about a gallon of Shout later, it all came out. Wooo!
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So, I did that Huntingdon by Candlelight thing... Robyn, two girls I will forever know as their character names rather than their real ones, and I were four girls that had worked on the yearbook back when Huntingdon was a women's college in Tuskegee, and we giggled a lot, which was fun, and we read an ode to chocolate pie, which... yeah, it must have been some darn good pie, and we did crazy stuff during the long periods of time between gigs, and that was good.

And then we followed along on the last run and got to listen to some of the things that used to go on on the campus back in the day.

Stuff like secret societies, a bonfire on the green with a star in candles around it, with each class standing in an arm of the star, and the last arm was reserved for the Spirit of Huntingdon, a senior elected by her class. Each class sang a song and read a poem, then danced around the bonfire.

Why don't we do stuff like that now? There were all these traditions on campus... why did we stop doing them? People high up wonder why we have zero school spirit... mebbe it's 'cause all our bonding traditions were taken away. Gah.

So, um, anyone want to start a secret society? Anyone?


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