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Today we prepped the Formal Garden for a wedding. Who wants to get married in Alabama in June, is what I want to know. It was boiling hot at 9:30. I feel sorry for the wedding party. BUT. The garden looks absolutely fabulous, so at least they'll have something pretty to look at when they're stroking out and sweating copiously.

Anyway. So the four of us had spent all morning mulching and pulling weeds and sprucing things up, and we were just putting the final touches on so that we could all leave for lunch. I looked up at the sky because a shadow had passed over the sun and there, soaring above us in tight circles, were about fourteen vultures, who were apparently waiting for us to die of heat prostration or something. I felt like I was in an old-school Looney Toons cartoon. It was pretty awesome.
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Not really, it was just the longest day ever. But upon reflection, going to sleep at three when I knew I had to get up at six was not a particularly brilliant start to the day. Work at 7, break at 11, back to work at 1:20, home at 5:30. There is a big event going on at work tomorrow, and we had to do all kinds of things to get ready for it.

Adam and I had to put two tents together and it was like the Three Stooges were alive and well and living in Millbrook. All we needed was eye-poking and a violin and a lame tapeworm joke and we'd be there. Those tents were crazy hard to set up.

I feel like my brain is kind of broken. Also, when did it get to be summer outside? Last night I was sleeping under four blankets. Today I was out working in the hot hot sun. I don't approve, Alabama. At all.

I kind of feel like a zombie.


Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:03 am
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List of songs I do not need on constant loop in my head at work:

--I'm F*cking Matt Damon
--Banned from Argo
--Re: Your Brains
--People Who Love People Who Love Giraffes
--I'm Gonna Kill You
--Still Alive

List of songs I have stuck on constant loop in my head at work:

(See previous list)
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Today I worked, despite feeling oogy [money for books outweighs personal health]. But on the plus side, I got to meet the Lex Luthor of Tree Services!

I also ate [You have no idea what an accomplishment that is! Woo for food! Woo for eating!]

Best of all, I created a new character to be when playing Halo. Usually I'm Rital, a combo of letters that appealed to me at the time. But it was time for a change. I figured it should be a name that reflected how well I could fight dirty, shoot, and duck and cover successfully. I chose... wait for it... Daniel Jackson. Honestly, that's about how good I am. First season Daniel Jackson. Heh. Unfortunately, there was only enough room for "Daniel Jack"... which just makes it even funnier. To... me, at least.

Oh, well... it amused me, at any rate.


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