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So uh how did I not know there's going to be a Sherlock Holmes movie coming out next year? HOW DID I MISS THIS?


Now I have to break out my massive The Complete Sherlock Holmes and picture RDJr and Jude Law. AWESOME.
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Says Hugh Jackman: "We were so thrilled to get Ryan. He’s the greatest guy. Incredibly funny. He plays Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. Not an easy guy to play. He’s always jabbering. He’s always going. Physically he’s in unbelievable shape and yet he’s also got that comedic ability. There are only a handful of actors that can do that."

EEEEEEEE. I was a little scared (okay, a lot) that Movie!Deadpool wasn't going to be, you know, MY Deadpool, but I'm not as worried now.

It can be May 2009 now?
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I finally saw The Dark Knight today.

Guys, I almost fell asleep. Multiple times. That was the movie everybody was raving about? I haven't been that bored in the theater since
Episode III.

Mr. Nolan needs to get himself an editor. And, um, ditch Christian Bale. Jesus, Batman, would it kill you to enunciate?
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I feel like I'm made of TOTAL EPIC FAIL right now and I don't know why. I don't even know what triggered it. Brain, stop being stupid, okay?

Mom and I watched like the worst 80's movie ever. Well, actually, it wasn't the worst 80's movie, because there's a whole lot of competition for that slot, but it was the worst 80's movie starring Mark Harmon and Jodie Foster about suicide and baseball.

And half of it was driving. Like, I'm a big fan of Mark Harmon and all (even if I prefer Seasoned Mark Harmon to Old Skool Mark because wow, the grey just really works for him), but even I can't take repeated fifteen-minute stretches of him smoking and staring longingly out of a train/bus/convertible Volkswagen.

Also, for a movie with Harmon at first billing, there was a depressingly small amount of him. The movie was an hour and a half long. At least 45-50 minutes of that was focused on teenage-version Mark Harmon's character. And the rest of the 45 minutes was Mark Harmon driving soulfully. And there was only like a minute and a half of Mark Harmon in baseball pants, which was the whole reason for buying the movie.

Jodie Foster was pretty awesome, though. Also. Random trivia: According to IMDB, she was the "first choice to play the role of Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" trilogy but could not get out of her contract with Disney. George Lucas then decided to make Princess Leia older." DUDE. WHAT. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.
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Remember how I was all down on the new Speed Racer movie? And how I pretty much felt like it was the ruination of all things my childhood?

Um. I had a reversal of opinion. Because THE TRAILER IS FREAKING AWESOME. Thank you, [ profile] skroberts, for making me go watch it! Because now I want to go see it so hard it hurts! The cars! Susan Sarandon! John Goodman! The shiny shiny colors! The special effects that look like the special effects from the old show! The fact that Christina Ricci was in the trailer and I didn't even want to throw up a little bit! OH MY GOD it's going to be amazing!

I've gotten so fangirly about this movie that my parents think I need therapy.
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So. Speed Racer movie.

Now all they need to do is make a Captain Planet movie and the ruination of my childhood will be complete.


Feb. 26th, 2008 10:30 pm
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That movie coming out? 10,000 BC?

Really really irritates me. In concept, because I can't claim to have actually watched the whole trailer, because I am too busy clawing my eyes out. Didn't they make this movie with Ringo Starr?

Although I have to say I'm terribly amused that the main way they make people look authentically ancient-times-y is to give them huge eyebrows. Sean Connery's eyebrows worship at the altar of the eyebrows in this movie. Even Robert Sean Leonard's eyebrows are all, "If we eat our vegetables every day someday we may grow up to be those eyebrows."
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So, I was watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on my Tivo, and the end credits rolled and I pressed stop, and what should happen to be on TV but She's the Man.

And I watched it.

I watched it for half an hour. And what's more, I enjoyed it. I turned it off when I realized that I was totally hooked, but even now, sitting in my room, I kind of want to keep watching it.

Someone please shoot me now.
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I happened to stumble across an interesting list of future films today. Apparently Hollywood is taking the potential SAG strike seriously, and is going to cram in as much filming as possible before that date. Nice going, guys. Good luck with that.

This is a very strange list.

What's with all the remakes? A Christmas Carol, Escape from Witch Mountain, Day the Earth Stood Still (They're kidding, right? It's an homage, right? NO.), Creature from the Black Lagoon (There's also a Wolfman and a Dracula movie slated. Maybe Abbot and Costello can show up and have a wacky adventure!), Land of the Lost...

The A-Team? Really? Really?!

The potential film that most upsets me: the Sherlock Holmes movie. THERE IS NO SHERLOCK HOLMES BUT JEREMY BRENT. And maybe Basil Rathbone. And Data on those episodes of TNG. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, a Holmes movie is an abomination. (An abomination I'll be paying 7.50 to go see, because I'm pathetic. Damn you, Warner Brothers!!)

My favorite potential movie: Captain Awesome. I'd go see that! I'd go see that in a heartbeat!
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On Friday I re-henna'd my foot. It's all swirly, and I have a sun on my big toe.

Chuck: So nice to see you. I see you were... *stops, stares at foot*

Alex: ...Yes?

Chuck: Please tell me that's not permanant.

Alex: Uh, no, it's... um... henna? You know?

Chuck: *clutching Alex's arm* Oh, thank God.

*sigh* Yes, Chuck, if it had been, heaven forbid, a real tatoo, my immortal soul would have been in danger.

Also, we went to show Bethany the Pumpkin Sacrifice of DOOOOOM in the pond tonight, but instead we ran into the demonic eyes of possibly Satan. Alas.

Oh, yeah. Also, we watched Napoleon Dynamite this weekend. OMG so good. <33333. I totally need to buy that movie.


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