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I took Po and Bela for a walk in the front yard today. They have these cute little harnesses, but (ferrets being apparently boneless and all) they're always slipping out of them. Bela got out of hers, and so I was trying to wrestle her back into her harness while keeping Po from slipping out of his and taking off, and in the hustle and the bustle I accidentally caught Bela's underarm skin with the harness closure.

What did she do to let me know something was wrong? She licked my arm enthusiastically. She didn't bite, she didn't scratch, she didn't hiss, she gave me kisses. AWW BELA. *squishes her*
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I love I found a book about ferrets today (The Guide to Owning a Ferret) for .01! How awesome is that? The book didn't look that great, but you can't beat that price! Awesome!

Not so awesome (but kind of hilarious): these are the tags that other customers associated with similar products:

*snake oil
*junk science
*avoid at all costs
*vampire romance

So, uh, apparently all the insane vampire snake oil cultists who enjoy junk science also enjoy ferrets? Good to know, Amazon!
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I like to take the ferrets outside for walks. It's good exercise and it keeps them from getting too bored with just running around my room.

I took Po out today, and we visited Pheobus, our Jellicle (black and white) cat. He's not too sure about ferrets. Today he was curled up in his kitty bed and Po and I came over to say hi. Po climbed into the bed with Pheobus, and then realized that he was now in close quarters with, OMG, a CAT, and instead of backing out or walking forward to, you know, get out of the bed, he fell over and started trembling. Which is his main defensive maneuver.

I worry about that boy.

Side note: Spellcheck's offers for "Pheobus:"

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I realized today that I haven't ever (to my knowledge) posted ferret pictures here. I've posted them in the photoblog, but not here. THAT MUST BE REMEDIED.

So here you go! These are the bright shining faces that stare at me in the early morning, waiting for me to get up and feed them.

And here they are. )
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My ferrets had the most incredibly vicious fight.

They got these special treats for Christmas that are gear-shaped, long-lasting and smell like maple syrup. There's only one left, and they spend their playtime hiding it from each other. Po hides it, and then a few minutes later, Bela sneaks over and steals it, and hides it, and then Po steals it, and so on ad infinitum. They're clever, but they don't have the best attention span, and when one gets distracted, the other steals the treat.

Today, they forgot where it was hidden. So they spent an hour frantically searching in every hiding place (the couch, the dresser, the other dresser, my bed, my lap), hissing at each other when they deemed it appropriate. And then Bela found the treat, and Po snatched it away from her, which pissed her off to no end, so now they're both in time-out. I'm just glad Bela didn't have a chance to pull out her knife. (Yes, she has one-- a plastic knife she's stashed somewhere in my couch. She pulls it out when she gets excited.)

It's like I've got two-year-olds.


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