Sep. 24th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Dad and I have been working on the garden this week. We moved concrete benches and mulched and reclaimed gardens that had become wretched hives of scum and gripeweed and I mowed the front lawn with our new mower (WHICH IS LIKE THE BEST MOWER EVER, OMG, because the one I mowed with back in the day was hella hard, and hella heavy, and my hands blistered up just pushing it around, and this one practically propells itself, yay, it's like walking a large dog-- a large, grass-eating dog, I guess) and we discovered a ginormous yellow jacket nest in an area in which we'd been picking up sticks for over an hour. By ginormous, I mean OH MY GOD, we watched for about two minutes and in that time we counted a hundred yellow jackets going into the nest. A HUNDRED. And that was just for two minutes.

And we sprayed the nest, but now we have all these angry homeless yellow jackets who insist on supervising everything we do in the garden. We stirred up some mulch today, and ten minutes later there were eight of them, making sure we weren't mucking things up. I hate the little buggers.

I had a fun phone conversation today. EXUBERANCE!! )

This is the best thing that's happened all week. YAY FOR COMIC BOOK STORE GUY!
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Says Hugh Jackman: "We were so thrilled to get Ryan. He’s the greatest guy. Incredibly funny. He plays Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. Not an easy guy to play. He’s always jabbering. He’s always going. Physically he’s in unbelievable shape and yet he’s also got that comedic ability. There are only a handful of actors that can do that."

EEEEEEEE. I was a little scared (okay, a lot) that Movie!Deadpool wasn't going to be, you know, MY Deadpool, but I'm not as worried now.

It can be May 2009 now?


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