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So, uh, "Will It Blend" is now my new favoritest thing ever.

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OMG, eight-year-old me, how could you ever have hated cheese straws?! They are like concentrated awesome in extruded cheese product form! And just spicy enough, and I can never eat just one, I have to eat like a thousand!

Clearly eight-year-old me was a bit of a loser. Eight-year-old me didn't like MacGyver, either. I KNOW, RIGHT? What was WRONG with eight-year-old me?!

So I may have drawn some of the adventures of the dynamic duo of Chuck Norris and MacGyver. Cut for extreme crackiness! )
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I have to go to a wedding this weekend.

Which, you know, normally wouldn't even be a problem, but I'm going with my family, and Dad is the best man, and Mom is reading for the ceremony, and my brother is acolyting and I'm... sitting in a pew somewhere. By myself.

Mom's convinced that this is my chance to meet up with a single, hot, totally-available Mountie. UM, OKAY MOM. I don't know what a Mountie will be doing at this wedding, but whatever. :P

So, I had an idea for the best sitcom EVER. No really. NO REALLY. Okay, so going with the two completely-unalike-people-having-to-share-close-quarters-in-a-cramped-apartment premise... CHUCK NORRIS AND MACGYVER. Sharing an apartment! Arguing over who drank the last of the milk! Going to the store! Defusing bombs in the vegetable aisle! Fighting off ninjas in the parking lot! AWESOME, OR MOST AWESOME THING EVER?!
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Alex: Dude, that bus driver looks like an older Chuck Norris!

Alex's Mom: Heyyy, Chuckie-baby!

Alex: Dude, I'd love to see you call him that to his face.

Alex's Mom:If I ever had the chance to meet Chuck Norris face-to-face, I'd call him Chuckie-baby.


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