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I had my first real day back at work since Christmas break. However, apparently every single one of my muscles has decided to atrophy during my work hiatus, because my God, did it hurt to work today. All I was doing was ripping dead pansies out and replacing them with marigolds and dianthus and adjoradum and begonias, but wow. Wowie zowie.

Then, when the heat became crazy and it was time to go home, we discovered that in the hubbub earlier [Mom had a tour, and just before her tour was set to go, the wedding planner arrived with tents and flowers, and it was a madhouse] Mom had accidentally locked her keys in the car. So Doctor Bud and I tried to jimmy the lock with a coat hanger while Mom called AAA.

The Case of the Locked Car )

Then I had graduation practice [why’d I agree to be a Marshall, again? I’ve got to be at school at 8 tomorrow, and then I’ve got to stay in Montgomery all day because I’ve got to be back for the Baccalaureate at 4-something, and then I’ve got to be at school at 8 on Saturday, and I’m wasting all of my London-packing time on school stuff. Ah, well.

The only other conversation of note took place with my brother. Gun Shy was coming on, and I had always wanted to see it, and I really wanted to see hot Michael Weatherly hot Liam Neeson a moderately serious crime drama, so we settled down to watch, knowing absolutely nothing about it.
Why that's a bad idea: )
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Considering my past experiences with PriMed, I was shall we say warily expectant that I’d end up piddling my entire day away in some godforsaken spit of land exam room in some godforsaken corner of hell the medical facility.

I ended up being pleasantly surprised. )

And that was about the extent of my physical activity for the day. I went back to my room and slept fitfully through lunch, waking up long enough to watch White Oleander until dinner.

Also. My brother is a spaz.

Alex: So, the new Doctor, you recognize him? Barty Crouch, Jr? The new Harry Potter movie?

Danny: Oh, so that guy's British?

Alex: ...Yes, anyone on Harry Potter’s British.


Alex: Um, yeah? What’d you think?

Danny: I just thought he was deep-voiced.
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They're working on our fire alarm system. They're supposed to be replacing all our sprinklers or something. OMGFIRE. )
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So, despite popular belief, I am alive.

Of course, I'm stuck abed with a racking cough, but hey! At least I'm home and finals are done with, right?

I had to go to PriMed. I'm convinced now that they just watch for me to come, and then compete to see how long they can make us wait this time.

So, now, the newest episode in the Continuing Adventures of Alex-- Read more... )

So that's what I've been up to, pretty much. Yay Christmas holidays!
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Somewhat fitting considering the date, I bring you another episode in the Continuing Adventures of Alex: Alex Gives Blood!

Full story here )


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