Oct. 7th, 2008


Oct. 7th, 2008 01:00 am
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Argh, my lung hurts so much! I don't know what I did to make it so unhappy. But I can't take a deep breath without doubling over, and my asthma meds are having no effect. And Cora has effectively put my shoulder out of commission. I hurt it last summer helping a friend put a concrete base in a fish pond, and now it's like, "Dear Alex, I quit. I'm no longer going to move smoothly, I'm going to pop like crazy and make grinding noises! Love and kisses, Your shoulder joint." Cora needs to stop being so strong. I WILL POST PUPPY PICTURES SOON I PROMISE as soon as my lappy stops being so special.

Also special: my new tv. It has no problem with color when I'm watching DVDs, but it's only showing black and white when I try to watch normal television. Best part? I watched Life and Chuck, and when they were over, I realized that I remembered the episodes in color. Like, I think of a scene now, and it's in color in my head, even though it was black and white. OH BRAIN, you do funny things.

I'm a little light-headed. I should probably get to sleep, especially since Cora gets me up early in the morning.


Oct. 7th, 2008 11:17 pm
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I hate the Presidential debates.

And not just because my entire family is rooting for McCain, and Danny makes snide comments while Obama's speaking, and Dad flips out about how the filming of the debate is biased because almost every shot of McCain showed the timing indicator lights. (Which, for the record, was true only for one question, during which McCain was standing directly in front of the light. SHEESH, DAD.) That's stressful enough.

What I hate, though, is the fact that NOBODY ANSWERS THE FRIGGIN QUESTIONS. I want to know their answers to these carefully-thought-out questions, and half their answer is spent on the party line and half is spent on discrediting the opponant, and while that's all fine and good, I WANT TO KNOW THEIR POSITIONS ON THE SITUATIONS OUTLINED IN THE QUESTIONS. And while I know that isn't really the point of the debates, not really, I WANT TO KNOW.



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