Apr. 14th, 2008

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So, somehow, yesterday, I managed to really mess up my eye. And of course it's not the eye that has the issues, it's the eye that has the near-perfect vision, which is just, you know, perfect. I'm trying to keep from having to go to the doctor and all by keeping my eye closed (because, hello, still no insurance, and if they charged me $120 for a sinus infection I'd hate to see what they'd charge for a weird eye issue) and I'm really glad I have my glasses because otherwise I'd be in absolute abject misery right now. And it's really not so bad, and my eye will be better by tomorrow, and the more I tell myself this the more likely it is to be true, right?

Only problem: So I thought my depth perception was bad back in the pre-glasses days? It's so much worse when I'm trying to navigate a dark hallway with glasses slipping down my nose and only one eye open. It felt like those funhouses at the fair with the wobbly floors.

I think I need to go lie down for a while.
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So, yesterday Dad lent me a biography on Jean Laffite (especially interesting because it was not so much a biography of Laffite as it was also a biography of the New Orleans of his time, which was absolutely fascinating), and it was brilliant and amazing, but the best part was when the author quoted a letter written by a young woman who met Jean and Pierre Laffite, where she mentioned having "pineapple cheese."

What's the most awesome of all dairy products? Cheese.

What's the most awesome of all fruits? The pineapple.

OMG, pineapple cheese, I must have you. (So apparently it's not any combination of the two, but it's cheese made to look like a pineapple, and this is getting added to my lists of foods to eat before I die.)


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