Mar. 9th, 2008

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So, on Friday, Mom dragged me out to one of the local flea markets, primarily because we hadn't been in forever. While she strode purposefully towards the movie/furniture/teacup area of the store, I canvassed the book area for any Agatha Christie books not in my collection--seriously, I have every book she's ever written except for the one based in Ancient Egypt, and one day that one too WILL BE MINE--and looked for costuming elements.

I should have taken a camera with me, because I found the most amazing and disturbing thing I've ever seen in a flea market, and that's saying something. I sort of wanted to buy it, but it was the kind of knick-knack that would sit ominously on my desk until something awful happens to me in the dark of the night and then the police come in, all, "There must be a reasonable explanation for all this," and "Why can't we find any physical evidence" and "What an odd and strangely compelling knick-knack, I must take it to the office for further inspection," and so the evil propagates itself.

It was a snow globe. About typical snow globe height, with a wooden base. Creepy part: the liquid inside was the color of black coffee. You could just barely see the little flecks of fake snow, and when I shook it up, I could see them and glitter sparkles swirling, but I couldn't see any figure inside the snow globe. So I just stood there, staring into the murky horrifying depths of this snow globe of the damned, and the longer I stared, the clearer the liquid got until I could kind of see what was inside... some kind of angel. Facing me. That's about when Mom came up and told me to put the creepifying thing down and move away quickly, which I did, but now it haunts me.

I kind of wish I'd bought it.


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