Jan. 15th, 2008

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Anyone know anything more about this? Studios Cancel Writers' Contracts

I can't find anything about it at the WGA site, or any major news site. But it seems like something people would be upset about. Is it true? Or is the internets just getting ahead of itself again?

I don't want to think about if it is true. But if it were true, wouldn't there be at least a little buzz about it? :\
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I'm really very irritated with my father. He thinks that it would be a wonderful world if all that was on television was reality TV, because then nobody would watch TV and everyone would go back to reading books like they should. I disagree. I think television is important. Good television, like NCIS and SGA and Chuck and so on.

It's not that I'm against reading. I'm not. I'm like the poster child for book-reading. I read a couple of books each week. I've got three bookshelves in my room, and several boxes of the books I can't fit on the shelves. Yay for books.

But just because someone enjoys watching television does not mean that they don't read. They may not sit down in an overstuffed armchair, wrap themselves in a flannel blanket, sip some tea and read Pride and Prejudice (not that I ever ever do that, no), but they're probably reading nonetheless.

Many people who don't read books read fanfic. Many avowed book-haters will rush to check their mail to see if their favorite fic has updated. Would they be reading that fanfic if there were no shows to inspire them? No.

Of course, don't get my father started on fanfic. We were talking about it at dinner tonight and his two cents was, "Well, you know, that's illegal in Europe." He wouldn't listen to me when I said that I read fics by many people from England.



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