Jan. 7th, 2008

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Tonight my brother conned me into watching some of the Fellowship of the Ring movie, and as always when we watch it, we have to point out every single moment they stray from the plot (and when they wander off from the plot, get lost in the woods, smell some flowers, get lost again, and then eventually find their way back). I know the majority of people love that movie, but GOD. ELVES AT HELM'S DEEP. ARWEN. THE ENTIRE THIRD MOVIE.

We were watching the scene where Boromir finds out Aragorn's his boss or whatever, and stabs himself a little on Narsil's shards (band name!), and I was pontificating, saying something like, "I can understand what they were trying for here, where we're given more insight into their characters, but I really think the understatedness of the original text--"

At this point I made the mistake of turning to my brother, who was in the process of shoving as much ramen into his mouth as was physically possible, and he paused, and looked at me, dripping ramen hanging out of his mouth, light from the television gleaming darkly in his eyes, looking for all the world like a feral child or like Gollum with a bit of fish.

It was kind of terrifying. And then I had to go into my room and have a lie-down, because Arwen was on-screen.

Toast. Lots of toast.
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So, my brother... has spent the last few minutes slashing everyone in LOTR. EVERYONE. GANDALF AND ELROND. LEGOLAS AND ARAGORN. SOME GUY FROM ROHAN AND SOME OTHER GUY.



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