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Shows this week have been super extra sparkly awesome.

OMG, SHOW! So I totally thought that the mid-season finale would end with Chuck in the clutches of Fulcrum, but omg having Chuck filled with the my-fake-girlfriend-killed-that-guy angst is way better.

Chuck calling Sarah during the call-your-loved-ones scene! Casey's toe! Captain Awesome being awesome! THE BIG MIKE/BIG MIKE'S COUSIN FLYING TACKLE HUG!

So, um. Show? YOU KILL ME. Patrick Jane did magic for a chimp! "But he's calibrated for EEEEVIL!!" TRAGIC MAN-PAIN! Lisbon offering to let him drive! RED JOHN SMILEY IN THE MENTAL INSTITUTION OMG. The man is more effed up than any one member of the BAU.

Simon Baker just gets hotter and hotter. GUH.

OMG REID'S CAR CHASE FACES. Awwwww, Mitch, you broke my heart in peices. Also, I totally did not see the thing with his family coming. I had to go back and rewatch. HOTCH SMILED. JJ!! That'd better mean she's coming back soon, 'cause new girl's not going to be able to take much more of the BAU.

I'm having fun making a topper for a groom's cake for a family friend. It's a couple kayaking. The Sculpey is driving me crazy, though. The oars are super thin, and they keep bending strangely. Plus I forgot to give the bride a veil when I sculpted her face and hair, and now I've got to figure out how to add one without making her look ridiculous. Fun times!

I love living out in the middle of nowhere, but tonight it's not fun times--the local band of coyotes keeps buzzing the house. It's especially fun because the fog outside is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and the coyotes only start yipping and howling when they've completely surrounded the house, so we get serenaded in surround sound. I'm just a few B-movie actors short of a horror film.
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